Collaboration is the theme at Lime Street as the resident artists invite you to step into their studios, have a go at some hands-on workshops, and contribute to some communal artwork. Venture through the corridors of this intriguing buildng and see what you can discover!

Theresa Easton plans to collaborate with the ideas behind the coalition of resistance campaign to create a series of glass fronted boxes.

Art and books collide with The Book Apothecary, a Travelling Museum of Artist’s Books at Newcastle’s Lit & Phil. The museum is housed in a series of reclaimed suitcases and, especially for The Late Shows, new artworks will be placed amongst the library’s books.

The exhibition will include work by Yvette Hawkins, Stevie Ronnie, Aidan Moseby, Hannah Keville, Theresa Easton and Dawn Felicia Knox. Writer Sheree Mack will join the book artists in creating poems and word sculptures. Unleash your creative talent and contribute to the production of a new artist’s book. http://litandphillateshows.com

Drop in, take part and discover the hidden gems among the bookshelves of this iconic Newcastle institution!


One thought on “The Late Shows 2012 Friday 18th at 36 Lime St & Saturday 19th May at The Lit & Phil

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