Flow is a collaboration between owl Project and Ed Carter, working with architect Nicky Kirk, boat builder Nick Spurr and his team in amble, and waterwheel designer David Willcox.

Flow is a tidemill – a floating building that generates its own power using a tidal water wheel.

Inside the building you’ll find  a series of  electro acoustic musical machinery and instruments which respond to the changes in the river, generating sound and data.

I was lucky enough to have a guided tour by a couple of the producers and have to say my favorite is probably The Saliniity Sampler Sequencer, with its amazing wooden conveyor belt!

It makes a tune that lasts 12 hours with salt levels controlling the instrument’s pitch.

Much of the wood is reclaimed including Ash and Oak.


Other musical instruments include The Bubble Synth and a Turbidatron.  Its worth a visit and is viewable until 31st May, part of the Cultural Olympiad with plenty happening at the Sage and Baltic – I’m leading on Busy B’s at Baltic in April with the chance to create a floating building out of recycled materials.


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