The Craft Cabinets 21st February – 31st March 2012
Darlington Arts Centre
 Craft Cabinet Darlington Arts Centre
The Craft Cabinets at Darlington Arts Centre provide an intimate space for creative practitioners to show case their work in a relaxed and creative environment.  Currently on display is a selection of artists books by Theresa Easton a visual artist based at Ouseburn Studios and Warehouse in Newcastle. Central to Easton’s practice is printmaking.  Working with a variety of media including glass and paper, Easton is interested in pushing the boundaries of printmaking. The content of much of Easton’s work relies on research and an interest in heritage interpretation and historical events.   Recent book projects include a collaborative piece of work entitled The Book Apothecary, a travelling museum of artist’s books.  Housed in a specially adapted suitcase, the work includes text based glass pieces and found objects, referencing Darwin’s work on classification and categorisation.  On-going projects such as The Sunderland Book Project provide Easton with the opportunity to work internationally; creating opportunities for artist’s to show case their work on a global scale.
Craft Cabinets
Darlington Arts Centre Vane Terrace Darlington DL3 7AX
Craft Cabinet installation of books & glass

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