Travels in Time was originally conceived in 2010, during my short stay as AA2A (Artists Access to Art Colleges)  artist at Northumbria University, Newcastle.  The Great North Museum is in walking distance from the Fine Art department and frequent visits to the Museum’s world culture section inspired the book, Travels in Time.

The book requires the viewer to take part in the exploration and discovery of the islands of the Pacific.

















The book has been designed and folded in such a way, objects from the collection present themselves alongside the animals that they celebrate.  Wolves, Frigate birds and crocodiles inhabit the pages in the book.

As the pages unfold, the sheet reveals the hidden wood engraving of Thomas Bewick of Mr Mason’s Cow.


Mr Mason, a rich farmer based in Chirton, county Durham, bred the biggest, fattest cow in the county.

He was so proud and excited by his achievement, he employed the services of our North East engraver.  The cow, however, was so inbred though artificial selection, it was sterile and he was unable to breed from his prize cow.


Travel in Time is a re-printed edition, the previous edition being seriously depleted as a result of theft.  I have now reprinted the work adding a silk screen printed layer to the lithography drawings and designed a bespoke box for the book to live in.


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