I am very pleased to announce the Tate Library, London has recently bought a number of my artist’s books including two Chap Books, The Sunderland Book and The Lit &Phil. 

Other Acquisitions include The Comet and Planting Can Foster a Sense of Belonging…….

The Comet

The Comet presents a series of bound prints produced after researching visual ideas connected to Copernicus & Galileo.

Planting can foster a sense of belonging

Planting Can Foster a Sense of Belonging holds a number of hand made relief prints connected with organic gardening techniques in the Victorian age. Other images are sourced from the book shelves of the Lit & Phil.  The library at the Lit & Phil (The Literary and Philosophical Society)  holds a host of inspiration, motivation and space for reflection.   I decided to produce a simple pamphlet stitched book in 2009 to mark the 25 year anniversary of the Bhopal Disaster, when Union Carbide released toxic gas during the night in the city of Bhopal killing and damaging the local inhabitants.

Lit and Phil

 The Lit and Phil and The Sunderland Book have both been designed as Chap Books (unbound, simply made books from one sheet of paper),containing brief text based narratives, hand drawn images and archival documentation.

inside pages of The Sunderland book

Forming part of The Sunderland Book Project, The Sunderland Book and is a celebration of the work of William Pile, (1823-1873) ‘’Sunderland’s greatest ship designer of his age’’.



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