The Sunderland Book Project has attracted over 50 participants; each participant has made a book based on the city of Sunderland ranging from historical, sporting and personal significance.

Monica Rocca (Italy)

The project will soon be on display at the Tom Trusky Exhibition Cases at the University of West of England, Bristol.  It is still possible to make a contribution to the project before the next deadline, 23rd January 2012, for more information download an application form, entry is FREE. Application Form Sland Bk

Check out the Sunderland Book Project Participant page for a more detailed list of those currently taking part.

Catriona Stamp (UK)

Arvon Wellen (Spain)

Sue Bennett (UK)

Helen Auburn (UK)

Nicola Maxwell(UK)

Tricia Green (UK)

Emma Garnham (UK)

Pauline Alldis (UK)

Alyson Stoker (UK)

Victoria Johnson (UK)

Les Bicknell (UK)

Joseph J Field (UK)

Danial Ollivere (UK)

Diana Isa Vallini (Italy)

Michelle Wood (UK)

Jacqueline Quinn (UK)

Helen McCookerybook (UK)

Jennie Brockington & Karen Dodsworth (UK)

Graham Smith (UK)

Elizabeth Kane (UK)

Jo Cunningham (UK)

Pauline Taylor (UK)

Frances Whinn (UK)

Cindy Robinson-Begg (UK)

Monica Rocca (Italy)

Theresa Easton (UK)

Ian Horn (UK)

Dominic Colquitt (UK)

Grupo Gralla Azul (Brazil)

Eny Herbst (Brazil)

Iara D’Elia (Brazil)

Ieda Mariano (Brazil)

Jane Balconi (Brazil)

Leci Bohn (Brazil)

Luiza Gutierrez (Brazil)

Mara Caruso (Brazil)

Maria Darmeli Araujo (Brazil)

Maria do Carmo Toniolo Kuhn (Brazil)

Marai Julieta Damasceno Ferriera (Brazil)

Marithe Bergamin (Brazil)

Neiva Mattioli Leite (Brazil)

Sirlei Caetano (Brazil)

Therezinha Fogliato Lima (Brazil)

There Reis (Brazil)

Tania Luzzatto (Brazil)

Vera Presotto (Brazil)

Susan Mortimer (UK)

Chio’ (Italy)

Andrew Wood (UK)

Tony Redman (UK)

Roberto Ghisellini Zenesi (Italy)

Fiona Barnes (UK)

Ann Bowen (UK)

Anna Welsh (UK)


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