Flowering Smoke Ren Shan Shan

Cellulose by Wan Qian Ge

 The Sunderland Book Project will be on show at Arts Centre Washington for  less than a month, the final day is 5th November 2011.  As well as a collection of books made by local, national and international artist’s and designers, The Sunderland Book Project at Arts Centre Washington is also showing a series of books and book objects by Beijng based artist’s.

Dog God by Shi Xiao Hui

Sumi Perera, whose personal work features in collections including Tate Britain and the V&A Museum, brings to Arts Centre Washington a collection of hand made artists’ books from Beijing.  Created at Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) 2007, during a teaching visit there by Perera, the work explores experimental book structure and paper engineering. 

Person by Shun Zhi Hua

 The work was last shown in the North East  in June 2010 at  Newcastle’s 25Stratfordgrove Gallery.

To Say Li Zheng

Visitors had the chance to handle the work and to take part in a ‘Show & Tell’ event, and to meet with other Artist’s Book Makers. 

Thinking plaster Tape Zhai Wen Si

A series of artist books ‘Building Blocks’ by Perera, also accompied the exhibition.

Building Blocks Book by Sumi Perera

25 Sg (Photo Roger Coulam)Home to Carol Luby, 25 Sg is a project and exhibition space providing a unique environment for artist's and visitors to engage with in production and consumption.

Newspaper Fashion Qu Lei

Recycle Wang Shun Shun

The Maze Book Zhou Wen Jun

Unassured by Ji Yu Jie


Mr Empty's Publishing House Zhang Zi Long

I Ching book of changes Zi Jun Wang

Codex Tu Ya


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