Etching studio

The Women’s Studio Workshop, based in Rosendale, a two hour drive from New York, provided hospitality and a welcoming atmosphere yesterday.  It was a quick visit to see the studio and talk to the staff and artist’s working there.  Bryn Summer, very kindly provided transport to and from the park & ride, as well as explaining the amazing facilities at the studio.  I was  intrigued to learn about the rye the studio is currently growing to use in their paper making facilities.


The studio plays host to visiting artist’s, current British based artist is Lizzie Ridout, working on her book project related to thought bubbles.

The Archive

The studio archives the books made in the studio, many of which are for sale and worth checking out.

Stories Behind the Bars by Tona Wilson

Tona Wilson was inspired to produce this series of work after spending time working as a spanish translator in a USA Court.  The four Booklets tell the stories of immigrants and the complex issues surrounding the immigration debate.


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