“Prospero’s Library” began as a project inspired by both the character of Prospero in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and the film Prospero’s Books by Peter Greenaway. Imagining Prospero’s magical “library of everything” was the starting point for an exhibition that is ever-expanding and transforming, as different books and items are added to it, and it magically manifests itself in different places on the globe. The idea came from Moscow-based writer and artist Mikhail Pogarsky, who invited Evelina Schatz inMilanand Gillian McIver inLondonto co-curate the project.

 STUDIO 75 is pleased to present “Prospero’s Library” in London, after the project has been touring since its inception in spring 2007. With each incarnation, different works and artists are added to the project. This exhibition of the Library will present works brought fromRussia,Italyand theUK.

 “Prospero’s Library” truly resembles the original library of the magician Prospero in that, like his collection, it has travelled far and wide. The first manifestation of the library was made in the Zverevskiy Center of Contemporary Art inMoscow. After that the show toured to various regions including Yasnaja Poliana,Tulawhere Tolstoy lived; culminating in a presence at the Moscow Central House of Artists. Further tours were made inRussia, and toCataniaandMilan. Finally, the library is inLondon.

“Prospero’s Library” is Studio 75’s first exhibition of book art, and we intend this to be the first step in an ongoing and comprehensive exploration and practice of book art as an important part of the Studio’s work.

“Prospero’s Library” in Studio 75 London is curated by Gillian McIver and Nazir Tanbouli, accompanied by Mikhail Pogarsky.


75 Hebden Court, Laburnum Street

E2 8BG



Opening Thursday April 28 6 – 8.30 pm

Open Friday April 29 2 – 6 pm; Saturday 12 – 6 pm; Sunday 2 – 5 pm


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