Thursday 20th January 6pm-9pm
 20-21 Nile Street
 SR1 3EY       Tel: 0191 565 5331
 Creative Cohesion would delighted if you could join us at the preview
 of a new site-specific sculpture in neon and porcelain by Sarah Blood at
 our Nile Street Studios. It is also an opportunity to enjoy a private
 viewing of Banish the Blues, an exhibition of additional work by Sarah
 Blood and small press illustration and art by P.R.E.S.S.
 The exhibition also offers a ‘sneak peek’ at The Sunderland Book
 Project led by P.R.E.S.S. member Theresa Easton.
 We hope the combination of zingy, witty neon and original illustration
 and print work will make you smile in these winter days.
 Sarah Blood’s selected works for the Banish the Blues exhibition are
 personal favourites from recent bodies of work, chosen for their
 different use of neon and also for their comforting and optimistic
 subject matter. These pieces will be shown with the most recent piece of
 work, which was made along side the commission for Creative Cohesion and
 references the most basic elements of life.
 Inspiration for the commission came from the people who will be using
 Creative Cohesion; artists and the wider community. Glass, clay, paint,
 wood, light, stars, coal, breath and life… it can all be stripped back
 on a molecular level to carbon. The fourth most abundant element in the
 universe, it is the chemical basis of all known life. Inspired by the
 molecular structure of carbon the installation stretches across the
 windows of the Creative Cohesion building using a combination of glass,
 porcelain, neon and argon.
 Sarah’s sculpture is one of 6 newly commissioned visual art works which
 relate to the work of Creative Cohesion and was funded by Arts Council
 England North East.
 P.R.E.S.S.(Publishing resource, education and social space) is a
 community of artists, writers and publishers who create small print run
 material such as books, zines, comics, poetry, artists books and prints.
 They aim to support and promote all forms of small press publishing by
 providing networking, promotion and education opportunities. The group
 currently facilitates events but is working towards a dedicated space
 for small press publishing.  http://pressukinfo.blogspot.com/

 P.R.E.S.S. is led by visual artist Leonie O’Moore who makes,mostly,
 comic books and has an illustrative style.She has published many comics
 and graphic novels both individually and with others. Leonie works in
 watercolours and inks and is attracted by the sea and sea creatures
 which feature prominently in her work.  www.lomoore.com
 Led by printmaker and visual artist Theresa Easton, The Sunderland Book
 Project was inspired by travels to Washington DC with Sunderland City
 Council in 2009. Over a two year period, Theresa will work with other
 artists, the local community and international artist bookmakers to
 create a collection of handmade artists’ books on the subject of
 Sunderland, culminating in a new piece of work by Theresa and an
 exhibition at Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair in Maryland USA. The new
 work created is another of the 6 newly commissioned works funded by 
 Arts Council England, North East
 We all very much hope to enjoy your company on the 20th. RSVP to
 Yours sincerely
 Zoe Garner/Anne Tye
 on behalf of Creative Cohesion


Anne Tye
Regional Glass Cluster Development Manager
Office of the Chief Executive
Sunderland City Council
Tel 0191 561 1219


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